Monday, July 23, 2012

Time to gear up for Eastern Open

Over lunch today I'm looking at the scores from this weekend.  While we had a strong field, it will have much more depth at the Eastern Open on August 11th-12th.  I'm not sure how scores will be better but, assuming the weather cooperates, they will.

Here are the scores courtesy of Billy Caudle (
Sat AM tournament scores
Sat PM tournament scores
Sun tournament scores

Some notes:
1)  Shooting in the 60s for a three-round tournament is something that happened only in the last decade.  Slower carpet is a big factor as you can charge more holes.  Greg Newport shot the (T-)6th best non-local tournament 54-hole score and lost by one to Rick Shelton who shot the (T-)2nd best non-local tournament 54-hole score.  Not best at that course.  Best in the 40+ years of history. 
All-Time PPA Tournament Records
Richmond Course #2 and Course #3 both have histories of people shooting in the 60s and losing a tournament.  Well-maintained course that rewards putts on-line with good speed.  Except for hole #7 on course #2.  At least for me.  Personally, I was hoping the rains would create a sinkhole and remove that cole permanently from the course.
2)  Shooting a 25 ten years ago would get people chatting and pointing your direction.  This weekend it got a pat on the back and a "you'll get 'em next round" comment.  75 did not finish in the top half on Sunday and got T-10/21 in the Saturday PM tournament.  There is no room for a bad stretch on this course.  In a six-round national tournament there is no time to make up a bad round either.
3)  I plan on putting together a library of lines with photos/videos.  Weather cooperating I will make Richmond #2 my first addition to the video library.  Will host on my website when up.  What you would expect are a lot of holes with straight putts.  What you will see are: 6 non-bank holes, 1 single-bank hole, 10 double-bank holes, and one bang-a-lang with four-to-five banks.  (#7, my nemesis, is a non-bank shot...I think the double-banks are "easier" than most of ths straight shots)
And most of the double-banks risk coming down a hill if you miss.  Careless disregard for where deuces end up is not only encouraged...but may be required.

I can take a couple things from this weekend.
First, my rounds got better each day.  More repetitions are needed.  I'm likely going to cancel my trip to Wilson, NC next weekend to practice in Richmond.  Since I'm going to compete in Hastings, I'll be missing the Southern Tour championship and don't need a qualification spot; plus a six hour drive to compete on the "squirreliest" course in Putt-Putt doesn't seem worth it. 

Second, while researching the PPA records I noticed that my 15 aces in a row at Martinsville in 2008 would put me on the list of best runs.  Woot for me. 

Third, I'm getting closer to my first "perfect nine".  I'm hoping with enough reps I will get it in practice next weekend.  Knowing I can do it and experiencing it might make the difference when competing.

Next week:  Practice in Richmond?
Next tournament:  Eastern Open on August 11th-12th?

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