Monday, July 9, 2012

If you can't stand the heat...stay out of Columbus, IN

As hot of a weekend as I've experienced in a long time.  Perhaps more so than the infamous PPA Nationals week in Lubbock, Texas.

Deciding to take care of myself and avoid the heat, the lack of practice was certainly a problem.
I'd rather take this weekend off and stay healthy than risk being back for an extended stay on the IR.

Some decent things to take away though...

First, towards the end of Sunday I started figuring things out.
The 11 and 10 on two of my three front nines were elite...and of the misses could easily have gone in.
The back has a lot of makeable holes that I was just a little off on.  Some tweaking in September for Nationals week will dial it in.

Second, with permission from Isberg and the World Minigolf Federation, I was able to show some of the features from Bangolf Arena.  Positive feedback that I think will grow as more people take a look.
The compare two putters feature seemed to strike a chord, especially for people who were in the hunt for the win; gives them a chance to see where they can improve and who to learn new lines from.

Third, I had the best shrimp cocktail of my life at an airport of all places.  Harry and Izzy's at Indianapolis airport.  Fresh horseradish in the cocktail sauce.  Shrimp practically the size of my palm. 

Some highlights of the weekend:
- Winner averaged under 24 per round.  In fact, the winning amateur was under 24 for the first day and led all divisions.

- Rick Alessi shot a 19, missing Hole #3.  Hole #3 gives the occasional "tween" and lips out; he got it and then made the next 15 to show who is boss.  Could easily have been the 4th perfect round in PPA history.  Will we see one the week of the Nationals?  Hole 18 is not an easy hole so we might find someone looking history in the jaw knowing that the most difficult hole is left to play.

- Averaging 26 a round in the pros will not get you in the top half.  Avoiding the bad round is critical, especially in a 6 or 8 round tournament.  Kevin Lacey posts another Top-3 finish at a Nationals this year, but the 28 was too much to overcome.  Look out for him in the National Finals.

Unofficial results are here:
2012 PPA/APA Northern Open Unofficial Results

Next stop:  Southern Tour in High Point, NC on July 14-15

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