Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sat VA Tournament - Richmond, VA

To no big surprise to anyone following this season, it rained again in practice.
Rain image

Good turnout for today's tournament.  Even Greg Ward, back-to-back Putter of the Decade, showed up to get some repetitions in before our National Regional event here in August.  When I saw him arrive, to steal a phrase from the Bad Boys movie series, I thought, "This Sh*t just got real."

Sure enough, even with limited practice this morning and rain saturated carpets, the scores were incredible.  My day was done early.  In a three-round tournament, one bad round keeps you from finishing in the top half (and cashing).  Pro "par" was 25 for each 18-hole round.  Shooting a 32 is impossible to recover from as you need to shoot 23 the last two rounds just to cash.

Case-in-point:  Even Greg Ward couldn't recover from his first-round 28.
I think his cash rate over the last 20+ years is 98% to 99% and he failed to cash by a single shot.
So as much as people have read me complain about how hard it is to recover from a bad round, here is the best putter of the last 20 years not being able to recover from a round four shots better than mine.

Shows that I need to be playing far better early in these tournaments if I want a chance to compete.
I'm not I have even less slack than him.

I was happy with my improvement as the day went on.  In most groups my last round would have won, but I made 10 of the first 12 and lost a stroke to my playing partner (and others).  Was really pulling for Bill (my playing partner) to close out his round.  He missed the last three holes and ended up at 22...could easily have been a 19. 

Here are the results from the morning.  Didn't play in the afternoon to get out of the rain and get some well-needed rest. 
SAT AM Pro Results

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