Saturday, July 7, 2012

PPA Northern Open - Day 1 Results

Day one is in the books.
It was a tough day of sledding in the heat for everyone as the air temperature was up to 105F; estimate that the temperature on the concrete was around 120F.

Thanks to the owners for providing some tents for shade and water on the course. 

I didn't play well, but considering I didn't get much practice...I got what I got.  I think I hit about 10 balls per hole, which is nothing considering it is my first time here.
But I do have a good feel for the course now.  It's all about learning the course well enough to come back in September for Nationals, so in that respect it is a success.

Tournament results are via Bangolf Arena.  Thanks to Isberg Software and the WMF for arranging us to use this software package.
Day 1 - 2012 PPA Northern Open

Forecast tomorrow is 90F and rain.  Time to learn the wet shots....

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