Saturday, June 9, 2012

Roanoke Results 09-Jun-2012

I have a love-hate relationship with Course #2 in Roanoke.  I enjoy the owners, the staff, the fact that they take good care of the course...but everything about the course drives me a little batty.

I have yet to post a decent result here, unless setting records for slides on rails is something I should strive for.  I did get a few hours of practice, so I felt reasonable good at the start.

As the day went on, the temperatures rose to the 90s, tempers started fraying, and a mix of sweat, suntan lotion, liniment, and sadness seemed to fall over the course.  Or maybe it was just the humidity and heat.

In the AM tournament I was relegated to cheerleader quickly as I parred Hole #9 in the first round through to Hole #6 in the second round.  You can't get 15 deuces in a row at this level, especially in a three-round event.  Played with Rick Baird and Gary Hinshaw; Rick had a nice roll and made the last hole to get into a playoff for the title (won by R. Johnson).
Morning PPA results
Morning results (Text) via MyDoggHouse

The PM tournament was pretty much the same.  Could have gotten into the cash with a decent final round, but couldn't close the deal.  Jeff Spainhour, rebounding from a tough morning performance, pulled off the victory.
Afternoon PPA results
Afternoon results (Text) via MyDoggHouse
Finished 2nd to last in both tournaments, which is disappointing and also doesn't feel like the level I played at.  But the math doesn't lie...that's how it adds up.

Tomorrow I get a chance to rebound in a four-round State Major event.  So we aren't done here in Roanoke...yet...

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